Big Cedar Lodge – Payne’s Valley Preview


Welcome to Episode 125 of the Fore Golfers Network Podcast!

This week, we bring you along on a remarkable road trip to BIG CEDAR LODGE as our TV crew produced a 30-min show and a lifetime of memories. On this special  edition of the pod, you’ll hear:

3:46 – Kirk Elmquist – Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf Tournament Director

19:51 – Janet Glaser – talking about the BCL experience on and off the course

23:02 – Todd Bohn – BCL Director of Agronomy, previews the Tiger Woods design – PAYNE’S VALLEY

28:40 – Matt McQueary – on the first season of Ozarks National, a Coore/Crenshaw masterpiece

33:26 – Janet Glaser – talking about the BCL Shooting Academy

35:11 – our TV crew – Bill Hobson, Gregg Hall, Jordan Rajewski, and Bo Hobson – shares thoughts, memories, and humorous moments as we record in the vehicle en route back home.


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