Butch Harmon Talks DJ, Seve, and the USGA Rules – Ep 108


Welcome to Episode 108 of the Fore Golfers Network Podcast!

The legendary Butch Harmon is our featured guest this week, talking about the dominance of DJ, the legacy of Seve, and the early report card for the USGA Rule changes (hint: it isn’t a glowing report).

We’ve also heard from a lot of you via the new 24/7 Listener Hotline, so listen for your call!

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Episode Rundown:

(4:20) Butch Harmon

(28:42) 24/7 Listener Hotline Highlights

(32:13)  “Out of Bounds with Dan Bier of Two Inches Short”

(42:47) “5 Mintz w/ Ron Mintz”

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