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FGN Podcast – Ep 8: Tommy’s Honour Preview & Blowing Off Steam Rant

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Fore Golfers Network Podcast! If you love golf, you’ll love FGN!

On this week’s show: An inside look at the new golf movie, Tommy’s Honour..the debut of our new Blowing Off Steam “golf rant,” and more!


 Tommy’s Honour Preview – We visit with Producer Keith Bank to hear of his vision for the product, the tremendous cast, and the lengths they took to ensure the movie’s authenticity was up to par. Click here for more info on Tommy’s Honour

– (15:20) Blowing Off Some Steam – This is the debut of a new segment where a frustrated golfer (perhaps you?) gets a few minutes to vent, rant, get it off your chest. Our first ranter is Twitter’s “ShutFaceGolf” airing out his grievances with those who play the wrong bleeping set of tees! If you’d like to vent on the show, drop us a line and we’ll add you to the schedule!

– (19:05) FGN Road Trip: One of America’s best known family vacation destination is also one of the strongest golf meccas in the country – welcome to Branson!

– (27:00) FGN Tool Box: The PGA Value Guide will save you major dough when shopping for clubs or selling yours. We look into this unique service provided by the PGA

FGN is hosted by Bill Hobson, a diehard golfer and longtime host of Michigan Golf Live TV/Radio.

We want to hear from you with comments and suggestions for making the podcast even better, so please don’t hesitate to reach out via TwitterFacebook, or EMail… and please be sure to share FGN with other golfers in your world!


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