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FGN Podcast – Episode 6: USGA Rules Special

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Fore Golfers Network Podcast! If you love golf, you’ll love FGN!

This week’s show is a special edition: The Rules of the Game

When the USGA announced the long list of proposed rules changes, the golf world was abuzz with both questions and praise. On this special edition of FGN, we’ve assembled a tremendous panel of guests to discuss the changes from their unique perspectives.

2:44 – Thomas Pagel – USGA Senior Director, Rules of Golf and Amateur Status

30:46 – Former PGA Tour Player Dan Pohl – PohlCat GC, Mt. Pleasant, MI

35:39 – Judy Mason – Director of Golf at Michaywe Pines, Gaylord, MI

37:34 – Greg Babinec – Director of Golf at Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville, MI

39:52 – David Graham – Exec. Dir., Golf Association of Michigan

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FGN is hosted by Bill Hobson, a diehard golfer, veteran broadcaster,  and longtime host of Michigan Golf Live TV/Radio. We want to hear from you with comments and suggestions for making the podcast even better, so please don’t hesitate to reach out via TwitterFacebook, or EMail – and please be sure to share FGN with other golfers in your world!


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