FGN Tool Box: Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder


We at MGL and FGN are tried and true devotees of the awesome line of Bushnell products, but this is a world of frequent innovation and change.

With that in mind, we were invited to test and review the latest entry in the expanding universe of Distance Measuring Devices (DMD) – the Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder.

Our overall assessment and report card can be seen in the final 15 seconds of the video.



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  1. A good intro video to Precision Pro and the new NX7 Rangefinder but the reviewer left out some key points.
    Precision Pro (launched in 2014) is targeting all golfers who want a standout rangefinder but dont want to pay $300-$400+ and offer the best customer support in the industry.

    1- MSRP of $199 vs. Bushnell v4 at $299
    2- 2-year warranty (inline with Bushnell and Leupold)
    3- Free battery replacement for life of product
    4- Best in industry customer service and support (free product exchange during warranty period)

    – 400 yard range, 6x magnification, 1 second TAG target Lock (allows golfer to scan over target for 1 second and lock in on the exact distance), water resistant, 1/10 yard measurement.

    The NX7 Pro is the upgraded model that is $249 and includes Adaptive Slope Technology and Pulse Vibration Function.


    Jonah Mytro
    Director of Sales
    Precision Pro Golf Company

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