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Fore Golfers Network 32 – Inside Callaway HQ w/ Amanda Balionis

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to Episode 32 of the Fore Golfers Network Podcast! If you love golf, you’ll love FGN!

This week we leave the studio and fly west to the Callaway Golf World HQ in Carlsbad, CA for a special Father/Son excursion!

Today’s featured guest – the energetic and talented Amanda Balionis – joined us on the Callaway Live set for a lengthy chat about her rapid ascension in the world of CBS Golf and her unqiue role at Callaway. Enjoy our conversation!

In addition to Amanda, you’ll hear from the junior member of the FGN/MGL family – Bo Hobson. The “son” side of this father/son trip chats with dad about the unique experience, the things we weren’t allowed to video, playing Torrey Pines, and more.

Note: In coming weeks, we’ll share the numerous interviews we gathered while “inside” Callaway. Rather than try and stuff them all into a single episode, we’ll be sharing them in the “FGN Tool Box” segment for the next several weeks.


FGN is hosted by Bill Hobson, a diehard golfer and longtime host of Michigan Golf Live TV/Radio.


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