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Fore Golfers Network 36 – Insane Club Evaluation Rituals

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to Episode 36 of the Fore Golfers Network Podcast!

On this week’s episode we explore the humorous insanity of season-ending club evaluation rituals. The concept was launched by the crazy tradition host Bill Hobson has of talking with each club as he cleans it. There is an honest (often brutal) assessment of how well that club performed throughout the season, followed by a decision on whether or not that club will remain on the team.

It turns out, this insane practice is not exclusive – it happens everywhere! On this week’s episode, we’re joined by a handful of amateur golfers who confess to their odd traditions when it’s time to prepare for the off season. Listen, laugh, and be sure to SHARE the link!

(28:56) FGN Toolbox – We head into the Callaway Golf putting lab with Luke Williams to explore the latest flat stick technology.


FGN is hosted by Bill Hobson, a diehard golfer and longtime host of Michigan Golf Live TV/Radio.


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