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Fore Golfers Network 42 – Making Golf Great Again

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to Episode 42 of the Fore Golfers Network Podcast!

This week’s discussion focuses on the future of the game we love. What are the keys to bringing more people into golf and then keeping them involved? While this episode alone certainly won’t provide the magic pill to remedy the game’s maladies, our 3 featured guests offer some interesting insights.

(3:24) – Ed Schmidt, the Golf Travel Guru talks about how golf can be more appealing to millennials

(19:08) – “AZ” from Latina Golfers Association is working hard to introduce the game to an often ignored population

(27:31) – Rob from The Golf Obsessed is launching a new social media platform to better connect golfers


We’re just starting our discussions on the future of the game, so please share your input and we may feature you on an upcoming episode!


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