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CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder – PRODUCT REVIEW

by Bill Hobson

CaddyTalk CUBE Laser Rangefinder – PRODUCT REVIEW

When the team at CaddyTalk reached out to ask if we would be interested in reviewing their CUBE Laser Rangefinder, we quickly accepted the invitation. The initial description of the CUBE was (and is) quite interesting as it allows golfers to measure distances in an innovative, creative way – from the side instead of always needing to be behind the ball.

We’ll get to the practicality of this feature in a moment. First, let’s establish some basic criteria for this review. The assumption here is that you are familiar with the general concept and functionality of the majority of rangefinders in the marketplace. From the familiar brands like Bushnell and Blue Tees Golf to some of the newcomers like TecTecTec and others, there are numerous choices available, with prices coming down across the board.

In other words, it’s a good time to a buyer in the golf rangefinder world.

What does the CUBE bring to the table that sets it apart from the others?

Mainly, the triangulation feature along with an array of robust atmospheric conditions like altitude, humidity, slope, and temperature. The CUBE is a highly sophisticated device that will remove pretty much any and all doubt about distance as you prepare to hit your next shot.

From a size standpoint, the CUBE is tiny. Really tiny. I’m not a smoke but the comparison I first thought of was that the CUBE is roughly the size of a cigarette pack.

We took the CUBE out for a test drive, comparing the distances it calculated with the numbers generated by other rangefinders and found it to be spot on with accuracy. We ran it through the various modes that are available with the push of a menu button and the navigation of the menus proved to be quite straightforward, though it does need to be noted that many of the features are NOT allowed in competition.

Over the years, you’ve come to trust our reviews for their honesty, insight, and recommendations. Be sure to visit our YouTube Channel for reviews of really cool innovations and golf gear. Part of the trust we’ve built with you is through the honest assessments of products you might not otherwise see being analyzed.

The truth is, the CUBE is well thought out, sturdy and accurate, and offers features you just do not need.

99% of golfers don’t need to know the atmospheric conditions and how it might change your shot from 135 yards to 131 yards.

The ability to measure a distance while standing off to the side is providing a solution to a problem no one has (other than on the rare Cart Path Only rounds). The CUBE is small enough that you can tuck it in your pocket, go to your ball, and get your distance. Why you would need to stand off to the side, steady your hands enough to put your ball in the crosshairs, then turn to the flag and do the same, to then be given the total distance, is cool technology but hardly necessary.

At $350, the CUBE seems like an over-the-top luxury item with a fairly confusing set of instructions (OK, VERY confusing set of instructions) that provides more information and performs more calculations than even the most diehard golfers need or can use.

The CUBE is well constructed, accurate, versatile, and so over the top in its confusing presentation of features that it falls into the “thanks but no thanks” category for us.

CLICK HERE for more information on the CUBE from CaddyTalk USA

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