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Michigan Golf Live 25th Anniversary – Our Origin Story

by Bill Hobson

Michigan Golf Live 25th Anniversary – Origin Story

Michigan Golf Live is celebrating our 25th Anniversary season throughout 2024 and over the years, we’ve been frequently asked how it all got started.

Here, in long form, is the answer.

You’ll hear from MGL creator and host Bill Hobson, MGL alum (and now the radio voice of the Phoenix Suns) Jon Bloom, MGL TV Production Director Gregg Hall, and Michigan Broadcast Hall of Famer Art Lewis as we tell the story of a crazy idea that is still going strong after a quarter century! 0:00 – Introduction 4:22 – How it all began 18:50 – Jon Bloom on MGL Radio’s early days 48:22 – Thanks to Dad 49:19 – The launch of MGL TV 52:41 – Gregg Gall, MGL TV Production Director 1:39:53 – The days ahead, what’s next for MGL 1:50:04 – Final thoughts from Bill Hobson

You can also hear the podcast version on the Fore Golfers Network Podcast, everywhere podcasts are found.

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