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The Amazing Story of The Indoor Golf Shop

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to the Fore Golfers Network/Michigan Golf Live Podcast Ep 416 – The Amazing Story of The Indoor Golf Shop

We’re just back from a road trip to Texas and a visit to the HQ of The Indoor Golf Shop, the industry leader in home golf simulator sales, service, design, and installation. With a talented staff dedicated to serving customers at a level not seen much these days, Indoor Golf is ready to help you fulfill your dream of a simulator in your space – whether that be at home or in a business setting.

Best of all, there’s a fantastic family origin story that started it all. We’re exploring every angle of the journey in this wide-ranging roundtable conversation.

Enjoy the amazing story of The Indoor Golf Shop and when you’re ready to begin your journey to your own simulator, CLICK HERE to get started or use PROMO CODE: MGL25 when you buy your kit.

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