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The Story of Snell Golf with Dean Snell

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to the Fore Golfers Network Podcast Ep 376 – The Story of Snell Golf with Dean Snell

Snell Golf isn’t quite a decade old but the impact Dean Snell and his team are making in the golf world stretches beyond the years. A true golf ball tech pioneer, Dean Snell brough his years of experience developing balls for Titleist and TaylorMade to his own company where golfers now find top quality balls at much more affordable prices. 

Dean is also one of the more outspoken critics of the USGA rollback proposal and has an incredibly simple concept for addressing the distance issue…and it’s not one you’ve heard of before now.

CLICK HERE to visit Snell Golf and learn more about this fun company with a big heart for the game!

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