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FGN Video – Divot Board – Unbox & Review

by Bill Hobson

In the world of training and teaching aids, a most intriguing concept is now available – Divot Board. The Divot Board provides immediate feedback from a full swing, whether or not a ball is used. While you are hitting the golf ball, the Divot Board has already provided your instant feedback. The only step you need to take is to look back down at the board and see how effective your golf swing was. You won’t have to wait for a computer screen to load or to rewind a video to see whether or not the swing looks exactly like it should. Instead, you simply look down at the impact position and take note of the club path. The instant feedback that the Divot Board offers is something that every golfer can benefit from. In this conversation, we’re joined by PGA Pro Kyle Martin from The Fortress GC in Frankenmuth, MI for an up close demonstration of the Divot Board.

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