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Getting Into The Zone Every Time you Play

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to the Fore Golfers Network/Michigan Golf Live Podcast Ep 418 – Getting Into The Zone Every Time you Play. This week we’re exploring the mysterious “zone” concept, that place you go when everything is clicking and you’re playing your very best. How do we get there? How can we STAY there? And wy does it seem to happen so rarely?

Our special guests are Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey, authors of In The Zone Secrets: How To Get In The Zone At The Flip Of A Switch

Golf Is 90% Mental, 10% Physical. The mental game in golf can be a relentless adversary, robbing you of the joy and satisfaction that should come with showcasing your true abilities on the course. Consider the unnecessary strokes that accumulate due to a momentary lapse in concentration. The missed opportunities, the promising rounds derailed by a sudden loss of confidence.

It’s a vicious cycle that leaves you questioning your own potential. The disappointment of not living up to your expectations can cast a shadow over the entire golfing experience, turning what should be a source of joy into a source of frustration.

But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be held captive by the mental obstacles that hinder your performance on the golf course.

There’s a way to overcome these challenges and transform your mental game into an asset rather than a liability. For more information, visit:

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