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The Powerful Story of Mark The Caddie

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to the Fore Golfers Network/Michigan Golf Live Podcast Ep 402 – The Powerful Story of Mark The Caddie. 

Our special guest is Mark Milatz, author of “Caddie Tales, a Looper’s Search for Lost Golf Balls,” the personal story of a Pastor turned caddie and the intense, poignant, soul-baring journey that led to that career change.

Mark shares his struggles with anxiety and depression, which led to bad choices and his eventual departure from his church. Readers of the book will (hopefully) see parallels in their own lives and find inspiration in his journey.

The conversation also touches on the challenges faced by men in their roles, particularly in fatherhood and ministry.

You’ve heard many times about the ways golf reflects real life and this conversation brings that concept full circle as you meet Mark Milatz.

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