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Introducing The Detroit Putter Company

by Bill Hobson

Welcome to the Fore Golfers Network Podcast Ep 361 – Introducing The Detroit Putter Company

During the Michigan Golf Show in Novi, thousands of golf fanatics perused the great deals on trips, clubs, clothing, and all things golf – as part of the nation’s largest consumer golf expo.

But perhaps the most intriguing exhibit came from a new player on the golf scene – The Detroit Putter Company. This family-founded group combines a passion for the game with a unique engineering and design background that has led them to produce a remarkably gorgeous and effective line of putters that are quickly drawing comparisions to what “Shinola” has done with watches.

You’ll hear the DPC origin story and have a chance to win a great prize package, so enjoy this introduction to an exciting Michigan-based company and be sure to get your entry sent in before 10p on Saturday, March 11!

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